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My friend the portable saw

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My friend the portable saw
January 21, 2014 11:07AM
Everyday that we Smoke a batch of Ribs I thank my lucky stars that we have a cordless power saw. I use it to cut the different woods I use to Smoke the loads of ribs I roast. Our oldest son Rob gave a set of 4 cordless power tools to Sandi for a birthday a few years back. Great gift for a Mom I thought, yuk yuk. The tools are all scaled down copies of the regular sized models. Well long story short we brought them with us mostly because they take up less room in a bulging van.
So once here I needed to cut up the fruit wood to soak before Smoking the Ribs. Well, this ought to be something I thought as I got out the girlie mini power saw, like I new something about power tools to begin with! Surprise, surprise, the Munchkin sized tool proved to be more than up to the job, light weight, no cords, lots of power, and I can use it up in the Sierra Madres on the side of a mountain cutting up a dead apple tree to bring home. In other words "perfect".

When I think back on it I believe I snickered when she got this gift. Now every time I use these tools I'm sure I hear a melodic 'Neener Neener' coming from over my shoulder.....

Anyway every time you eat our Smokey Ribs you can thank RYOBI for their part in the process.

Come and see what Great Smoked Ribs a girlie saw can put on your plate.

Thank you for your support, Jimmy and Sandi.
Re: My friend the portable saw
January 21, 2014 01:21PM
Re: My friend the portable saw
January 22, 2014 06:41PM
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