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electricity rates!!?!

Posted by Willie Bodrak 
electricity rates!!?!
June 30, 2011 04:39PM
Having moved here from Mazatlan, we were used to running the a/c at least at night during the summer months & we had the other usual electronics, including 2 fridges.
We were also lucky enough to be in a zone (Sinaloa) that CFE subsidized during the hot/humid summer months. The house we are renting in Comala was vacant for a while, so the CFE usage was minimal and it has no ceiling fans, nor a/c. We have tried to be very careful about turning off lights, the flat screen TV, unplugged one of the fridges, turning off the computer when not in use, etc. We just received our bi-monthly bill & the consumption this time was 544 wkh. The last billing period was 625 kwh. Yet our bill went up by about $900 pesos!
This bi-monthly bill also shows "cargo fijo" (2), which I understand to mean 2 fixed posts? But we only have one meter & I don't see 2 anythings coming into the house. The 544 kwh were charged at the basico rate of 3.216 which is waaay up from the previous months bill where the basico was 0.715, with intermedio at 1.193 and excedente at 2.521.....plus we are always charged a DAP of 10%. Just when I thought I had CFE figured out - at least for Mazatlan - now I'm soooo totally confused!!!
Can anyone out there shed any light on this situation?
Thanks for any insights!
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