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The craziest thing!!!

Posted by iamx 
The craziest thing!!!
February 12, 2021 11:51AM
My wife went to Office Depot today to get some stuff. She was not allowed in because she was over 60 years old. Evidently there is some bizarre basis for that due to Covid. I have heard there are other stores doing the same thing now. I have no idea what that is supposed to accomplish.
Re: The craziest thing!!!
February 13, 2021 06:46PM
The theory is they’re protecting the aged as that group is the most susceptible. However if they have any brains at all they make the first couple of hours after opening limited to those same seniors. Happened to an acquaintance of ours yesterday at the Sears in Zentralia. Home Depot, well no words for their stupidity. In Jalisco rumor has it some Walmarts don’t allow seniors period. I guess they want to starve them since there’s no ice flow to push outbto sea as did the ancient inuit. I buy from amazon if I can and avoid these big name stores with small minded management.
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