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Volcano Update?

Posted by Samskunk 
Volcano Update?
December 28, 2017 08:03AM
Looking for an update on the volcanos status. Anything interesting you can see?
Re: Volcano Update?
December 28, 2017 08:16AM
It has been dormant for months - barely a puff of steam.
Re: Volcano Update?
December 29, 2017 05:15PM
From Barra it looks like it is steaming into the sky?? Or what is that?
Re: Volcano Update?
December 30, 2017 11:32AM
Clouds often form at the top especially in the afternoon due to, I assume, the change in temp as you go up. You can see it from Barra??
Re: Volcano Update?
December 30, 2017 07:17PM
Yes. We are in Isla Navidad. We do see this formation almost daily though so I suppose it would not likely be volcanic activity that frequently.
Re: Volcano Update?
January 01, 2018 06:54AM
Colima volcano from Barra 2016

Colima volcano from the El Corazon golf course in Manzanillo.

Re: Volcano Update?
January 02, 2018 10:28AM
Well, I would have lost that bet. I will be down that way in a day or two and will check it out. Great photo Oldgringo!
Re: Volcano Update?
January 11, 2018 05:43PM
The Volcano has been shut down since Feb 2017. It is when it had its last activity.
The clouds come in around 10:30pm and stay until 6:30pm aprox. We have been getting close to it almost every day and we just hear some rocks coming down in November. But no ash, just steam.

The active volcano was covered in snow on Jan 1st. 2018

Will keep you posted!

Best Regards,


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