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BBC: Mexico's erupting Colima volcano triggers evacuations

Posted by manzanillo2011 
BBC: Mexico's erupting Colima volcano triggers evacuations
October 01, 2016 10:11PM
Fresh eruptions from the Colima volcano in Mexico have forced the evacuation of hundreds of people from their homes.

Ash and thick black smoke rose from the volcano, 430 miles (690km) north-west of Mexico City. A flow of lava could be seen pouring down its slopes.

More than 350 villagers living in La Yerbabuena and La Becerrera at the foot of the mountain were moved to safety, emergency officials said.

Authorities in neighbouring Jalisco state also evacuated some residents.

Colima volcano is known in Mexico as the Volcano of Fire.

Eruptions earlier this year forced similar evacuations. At that time, Mexico's interior ministry said the volcano was threatening its first major eruption since 1913.
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