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What to do in the area?

Posted by Comala Host 
What to do in the area?
September 22, 2013 01:18PM

Based upon your requests about more information on what to do in the area, we have started a blog: http://WhatToDoColima.blogspot.com where we will be posting information of cultural , sports, concerts, plays, temporary exhibits, tours and general info on what is going on in the area. Please feel free to join our blog.

Saludos and hope to see you in sunny Mexico soon!
Re: What to do in the area?
September 25, 2013 08:58AM
This a wonderful and long-overdue idea. So many times we have gone into Comala and discovered an event or festival that we hadn't known about or, worse yet, was already over. We hope Comala Host will get some support and input on this!
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