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Duane Lang murder

Posted by Danzakreski 
Duane Lang murder
August 06, 2012 03:23PM
I'll try this again.
My name is Dan Zakreski, I'm a reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I'm following the murder of 46-year-old Duane Lang, it happened in Puerta Vallarta on July 28. He's originally from Regina, Saskatchewan and his family confirm that he was killed in PV. The Canadian government is also confirming that a Canadian citizen has been killed there.
So, all that said, I'm having a hard time finding any mention of the murder in your local papers, at least online. Is no one reporting on this, or am I just searching incorrectly? I tried generic and specific searches.
Any help with links to local stories -- I've got a translator, so no matter if they're in Spanish -- would be greatly appreciated.
Or, conversely, I welcome any general advice, I don't know the media scene down there. It's been suggested that there's some sort of government blackout on reporting dead Canadians in Mexico because of tourism; I'd like to think the world's not that cynical.

Any help,

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