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6 months car storage needed

Posted by Perula Pete 
6 months car storage needed
March 30, 2014 06:52AM
Looking for covered parking, april 22 to nov1
Re: 6 months car storage needed
March 31, 2014 07:01AM
google www.vallartastorage.com
Re: 6 months car storage needed
December 13, 2018 10:05PM

If you are still looking for parking in Puerto Vallarta, I'm your guy.

I have indoor and outdoor spots available for lower price than at the PV airport or the parking across the street from the airport. Even less costly than in the USA or CANADA..

Parking with me includes washing/vacuuming, battery charging, pick-up/drop-off at the airport or bus station. No one does this, not for low prices I offer. I do more for the money one who parks with me.

No worries about things going missing or coming to pick up vehicle discovering it has a flat tire or dead battery.

Have been doing this for over seven years now.

322 148 0893
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