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Posted by Fastax South 
October 25, 2010 01:49PM
Among the options for hospitals in Manzanillo there are (directions when coming form the north):

Hospital Manzanillo
Dirección: bulevar Miguel de la Madrid 444, colonia Fordeport, Manzanillo.
Teléfono: (52-314) 336-7272 / 336-7273
(on the left just before the elevated section of roadway into central Manzanillo, requiring a U-turn some distance past, with some 25 staff doctors)

Hospital Médica Pacífico
Dirección: avenida Palma Real 10, Colonia Salahua, Manzanillo.
Teléfono: (52-314) 334-0385
(on the left just past the "Sidney Opera House," left turn at a light, with 5 staff doctors)

Centro Médico Quirúrgico Echauri
Dirección: bulevar Miguel de la Madrid 1215, Colonia Salahua, Manzanillo.
Teléfono: (52-314) 334-0444 / 332-0761
(on the right just past Wal-Mart, with some 24 staff doctors)

Anyone with experience at any of these, please let the rest of us know how it went, pro or con. Thanks.

Re: Hospitals
October 27, 2010 04:11PM
I believe you should post this on the Manzanillo forum. This is the "La Manzanilla" forum.
Manzanillo is about 45 minutes south of La Manzanilla.

To answer your question regarding experiences with any of the listed hospitals.
My husband has had very good experiences with Centro Médico Quirúrgico Echauri .
There are other people in the village (La Manzanilla) have gone to Echauri and have
had good experiences too.
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