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Posted by maurie 
April 01, 2017 07:47AM

These 3 pups were found in a ditch not far from the Grand Bay Hotel. Some wonderful folks rescued them and were going to take them home today, Saturday. Unfortunately, their transportation fell apart at the last minute...complications with overnighting in Seattle.

They do have homes in Vernon, BC. BUT need some help getting there. They need some folks to "escort" them back to Canada. They can either go in the cabin, under the seat, OR in cargo. They could also go by car, if someone is headed that way!

They have all vaccines, documentation, funding for airfare and most importantly HOMES!

If you are headed towards Kelowna or Kamloops, and would consider taking one or all of these babies, you will amass GREAT KARMA!!!

Please help me find them some more TRANSPORTATION HEROES!

We were able to manage it for Tommy (who leaves Sunday, barring any more "walkabouts") and I think we can do it for these sweet little guys!

This is posted on my Facebook and the Melaque - Barra de Navidad Amigos Facebook page - PLEASE SHARE!

You can contact me at maurie@shaw.ca or message via Facebook or here. I did have problems getting e-mail notifications through this site before though. THANKS!
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