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Posted by maurie 
March 11, 2017 07:43PM

There has been a lot of local dogs who have tested positive for TICK DISEASES. It can even infect dogs that are treated with anti-flea and tick medications. Tick diseases have reached epidemic proportions in Mexico. The Puerto Vallarta SPCA has an 80-90% positive test rate.

I am doing a bulk purchase of SNAP 4Dx tests and selling them for $700 pesos per test (normally $900 pesos). Each purchase will also support the testing of a local rescue dog.

This is a fundraising effort to pay for the SNAP testing of local rescue dogs, while also raising awareness and hopefully preventing the illness and possible death of beloved pets.

All of the money goes directly to the cost of the tests.

It is possible that some of the cases of what people think have been dog poisonings, have actually been Ehrlichea, a tick disease. It is deadly. There are several tick diseases, including Ehrlichea, Lyme, Heartworm and Anaplasmosis. The SNAP test checks for all of them.

We have started testing local dogs and so far all have tested positive to one or more of these diseases. Some have just been exposed and some are actively infected and trying to fight the disease without treatment.

The treatment is relatively easy and inexpensive, a round of antibiotics and 2 injections.

If you want to help your dog(s), while also helping a rescue dog, please contact me. I need to order them in advance, so please let me know your interest asap. You can message me or e-mail at maurie@shaw.ca

If you wish to make a donation towards the testing of rescue dogs, that would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Thanks for caring for the animals!

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