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Relatively quiet recommendation for Carnaval?

Posted by kismet 
Relatively quiet recommendation for Carnaval?
October 04, 2015 06:24PM
We live in Chapala. We moved residences last March to a great apt. whose only drawback is
that most Carnaval noise is directly across the street. And will be mind blowing.

We are starting to look into a vacation that week. We have lived in Chapala 6 years but never been to the coast and no nothing.

If we take a trip rather than buy earplugs, does anyone here have a recommendation for a place in this area where it will be relatively quiet during Carnaval? I don't mind regular noise and music, just not all night long for 6-8 nights.

We are looking for inexpensive. Right now, don't have a car but we might by February.

Thanks for any input.
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