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"Orientation To Oaxaca"

ATT: TOUR GROUP OPERATORS, to see what services Stan offers you, please click Here

Save money! Save time! Have a few laughs! Get the inside scoop on Oaxaca!

Plan ahead! Send me an email NOW to reserve a place at one of my Orientation sessions, held in Oaxaca, México. Hundreds of people have, and all have benefited.

Each two-hour, interactive session is tailored to the specific needs of the attendees. Attendance is limited, to make sure everyone gets what they came for.

Whether you are a tourist, prospecting for a place to retire, or actively planning to become a resident, "Orientation to Oaxaca" can help with information on hotels and housing, food and restaurants, music and the arts, culture and politics, bus routes and walking tours, and more.

The fee for attendance is 90 pesos per person; 150 for a couple of people. Sessions can be arranged by emailing me in advance.

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