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  Rear wall with vacuum line at center.

  Rear wall showing gas lines and water heater roughin.

  Water heater area. Tub faucet was later changed to two-handle type.

  Bathroom wall. The square framed out area at upper left was done by plumber for gas lines which were located on the rear wall instead. After this photo was taken, I added the section of stud back in that was removed.

Kitchen wall. Telephone conduit at lower right. At lower left, water line comes through floor for refrigerator where stud would have normally been located, causing stud to be shifted to the right in this photo.

Kitchen wall at lower part of photo. Low voltage conduits at lower center. White PVC is drain line for upstairs AC. 1" white PVC, barely visible at top, is compressed air line.

  View below air conditioning unit. Roughin for bathroom sink in background.

Gas lines at left; water heater area at right.

Air conditioning ductwork. Guard for gas line at left.

1" PVC compressed air lines at left center. Another 12-3 cable was added from the smoke detector box at upper center to the low-voltage junction box after this photo was taken.

Kitchen wall is at right; rear wall at top of photo.

Living room door is at right.

Bathroom wall is in lower part of photo.