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Lucero Therapeutic Massage

Señora Lucero, Lic. Masseuse
San Lucas No. 64   (see map)
Barra de Navidad, Jalisco

Telephone: (315) 355-5135, 044 (315) 100-2817 (cellphone)
Email: lgoldstein5@gmail.com
Web: www.casaholisticasol.com.mx

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Therapeutic Massage Services:

  • Holistic massage   Holistic massage is not only a physical treatment, but incorporates mental and spiritual aspects as well.
  • Reflexology   Reflexology is a technique of massage to create a program of good health. The hands and feet are like the keyboard of a computer that supplies information to all parts of the body. The language can block tensions, creating a new program for good health.
  • Quiromassage Quiromassage employs a brushing, pumping and kneading massage technique to relax and stretch muscle fibers and reduce sensations of fatigue and muscle overload. Quiromassage reduces fatigue and stimulates the blood circulation in the feet.
  • Touch for health Touch for Health is a hands on technique for the diagnosis and treatment of imbalances and conditions through utilization of muscle response.
  • Reiki   Reiki is a natural curative technique using the hands, which harmonizes personal energy with universal energy.
  • Hot stones massage   This technique uses smooth, heated stones which are placed on specific points on the body to melt away knots, tension and stress. The hot stone experience relieves pain, promotes harmony, balance and peace, inducing relaxation at its deepest level.
  • Temazcal   Historically, Temazcal is one of the richest expressions of Traditional Mexican Medicine, it comes as a part of our pre-hispanic ancestry. It includes a rich ceremony celebrating purification through connecting with the spirits of water, air, plants, earth and fire. The structure is made of stones and mud bricks dried in the suna and molded in the shape of an igloo. Temazal is a therapeutic steam bath, which for centuries has been recognized for its curative effects. Steam is created by spilling of water on volcanic rocks heated by a natural wood fire.

Sra. Lucero

Lucero giving massage   More Photos
  Experience the best deep relaxation therapy in a quiet, peaceful palapa.

Massage is one of the most ancient curative arts. Today it is considered a potent method to combat the stress of modern life, tension, and sickness. It can restore good health and vibrant energy.

Massage eliminates physical fatigue and mental weakness, soreness of the back, neck, shoulders, etc. It improves the circulation of the blood, lymphatic fluids, vital fluids, and most physical abnormalities. All of this helps maintain radiant youth and enhances the quality of life itself.

I'd love to explain how good you will feel after you indulge in a Deep Tissue Massage, but I can't. Some things just have to be experienced. Try it once, and you'll always return!

Accommodations are available at Casa Holistica Sol with all therapeutic massage services onsite.


  • Skin   Helps to eliminate toxins and to regenerate skin. Tones up and firms the skin.
  • Circulation Of Blood   Directly affects the venous and indirectly the arterial circulation.
  • Circulation Of Lymph   Increases and improves the circulation of lymphatic fluids.
  • Blood   Increases the number of red blood and lymph cells.
  • Nervous System   Partially reactivates damaged nerves.
  • Muscles   Developes their size, force, and capacity of movement.
  • Fatty Tissue   Decreases fatty deposits.
  • Organs   Acts principally to aid the digestive process.
  • Metabolism   Improves the functioning of the kidneys.
  • Mind   Stimulates the sensation of well being and pleasure. Activates endorphine secretion.

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