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Fiestas de Noviembre 2005

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Contact: Gina Machorro Espinosa
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November is Festival Month in Puerto Escondido

November 2 Day of the Dead Expo, 6:00 pm, City Hall (free)
November 4 Food Expo, 7:00 pm, City Hall (entrance charge)
November 5 Miss Puerto Escondido, 10 pm, City Hall
November 12 Motocross, 10:00 am, Puerto Angelito (entrance charge)
November 12 Guelaguetza cultural dance, 6:00 pm, City Hall (free)
November 13 Final motocross, 10:00 am, Puerto Angelita (entrance charge)
November 18,19,20 Surfing Tournament, 7:00 am, Zicatela Beach
November 19,20 Festival Costeño de la Danza, 8:00 pm, City Hall (free)
November 21 Art and Painting Expo, 12:00 pm, City Hall (free)
November 25,26,27 Fishing Tournament, 7:00 am, Bahía Principal
November 27 End of Fiestas, 10:00 pm, City Hall

See photos from the 1999 events.

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