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Information campaign of EPR, Mexico

The following appeared in the newsgroup alt.thebird.liberal on July 2, 1998, written July 1, 1998 by irsp@NETWIZARDS.NET in igc:list.left:

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To the people of the world
Sisters and brothers:

We begin our campaign of information by telling you who we are and what we are proposing in the process of the revolutionary and democratic struggle of today in Mexico. Our party and our army are conscious about the necessity to break the wall of misinformation which has reduced us until now to national rooms of media. This is why we start this campaign of information, to publish our point of view in different media.

In which surrounding do we have to move?
Neoliberalism has spread around the world, leaving in its wake low wages, unemployment, unbearable exploitation and robbery of national wealth, extreme poverty of large parts of the population, forced emigration into foreign countries, militarization and abuses of human rights. The process of globalization of the economy has worsened further the living conditions of the people of the world.

The other Mexico
In Mexico the neoliberal regime that is pillared on the PRI (Party of Institutionalized Revolution) and the PAN (Party of National Action) has not taken long to show its results. More and more Mexicans are living under conditions of poverty and extreme poverty, more and more are homeless, have no land, not enough to eat and the very lowest wages. Those without protection, the expelled and forgotten are becoming ever more. The government of Zedillo is using a silver tongued language of lies, to establish a system of treachery, sheltering the oppression behind a screen of lies. While it talks of dialogue it is threatening the poor communities militarily. While it talks against the use of violence it is killing, while it talks of peaceful solutions it is deporting people, while it talks of democracy it is implementing local authorities, while it signs treaties it is breaking existing ones, while it talks of tolerance it is throwing out international human rights activists, while it is talking of peace it is building a regime of institutionalized violence and waging a war of low intensity.

This government of injustice is still using the kazique-system as a military strategy in the federal states of Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca and is strengthening white guards and paramilitary groups. Those are created, protected and supported by the government on national and local level, are trained by the federal army and are organized within the ranks of the PRI the state-party. In spite of all that, the people are not willing to give up. They are uniting to fight organized for peoples sovereignty, for the creation of autonomous municipals and uprising communities. These are already a historic fact that can not be taken away any more, a right of self-determination that is spreading in the whole country.

About the question of autonomy
We think it a necessity to support the national and international demand for the fulfilling of the treaties of San Andres Larrainzar by deeds, we struggle for the creation of autonomous municipals and uprising communities and take part in the construction of democratic spaces in the various parts of national life. In this consists the resistance struggle of the people, which are beginning to build their own economy from below which is allowing to go ahead with the construction of peoples power, the implementation of the sovereignty of the people and by this, together with the people of the world, resist the globalization of the world economy - the instrument of the transnational powers to consolidate their economic, political, cultural, ideological and political domination of the planet.

The sympathy and solidarity of the international community with the just struggle of the Mexican people was quick to come. Human-rights activists and organizations have voiced their anger and their protest against the repression and the massacres committed on the people of Aguas Blancas (Guerrero), Los Loxicha (Oaxaca) and Acteal (Chiapas).

Right now the Mexican government is undertaking a diplomatic offensive by which it wants to prove its capacity to control social unrest and the movement of uprising - as not to loose the support of the transnational financing companies. This goes along with an anti-foreigner campaign with which the government is hoping to cover up its crimes committed against the revolutionary and democratic movement before the eyes of the world. But no measures of the government, be it speeches, be it the institutionalized violence of the government and the federal army, can hide the democratic, revolutionary struggle existing in the country.

The internal struggle of Mexico is showing no signs of a solution, but rather of an ever more increasing war of low intensity. The government of Zedillo is not trying to solve the political, economic and social problems which have led to the formation of the Zapatist Army of National Liberation (EZLN) and the Revolutionary Peoples Army (EPR).

A peace of justice and freedom
The Mexican People are wishing for peace, not for a neoliberal peace but for a peace based upon justice, democracy, freedom and peoples sovereignty. Facing the intolerance and the threat of a military solution by the authoritarian regime the Revolutionary Democratic Peoples Party and the Revolutionary Peoples Army are calling on the social, the political and the human rights organizations, the women, youth, intellectuals, artists and the political parties of the world to demand from the Mexican government to fulfill the treaties of San Andres Larrainzar, to respect the autonomous municipals and the uprising communities, demilitarize the conflict zones in Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca, disband the paramilitary groups, respect the human rights, free all political prisoners and to present living and free the hundreds of disappeared persons of the movement of uprising.

Continue on with solidarity
Facing hunger and death as a neoliberal strategy of the Mexican government it is necessary that the international community is continuing the solidarity with the Indian people and peasants which have been oppressed since centuries. Facing the anti-foreigner campaign the international support for the ever forgotten must not cease, but has to be prolonged and intensified.

We hope that this international campaign of information spirits the thinking and hearts of all, that they may get to know the propositions, analysis and alternatives of the Revolutionary Democratic Peoples Party and the Revolutionary Peoples Army. We want to create a space for everyone to fight for a just and democratic world.

Let us struggle commonly against neoliberalism!

PDPR, EPR-General Command

Mexican Republic, 28th of May 1998

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