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Crocodile Giveaway 2006-2008

All-Natural Bug Discouragement by Dancing Roots

Dancing Roots
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The 2006 Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement Giveaway has been extended into 2008. Samples of the creme discouragement in 1/2-oz. jars are being given away by maker Dancing Roots to readers who promise to give feedback on the results. Due to EPA regulations, samples can only be sent to U.S. addresses. The requests and feedback will be posted below. Send in your requests and feedback here.

All-Natural Bug Discouragement

"Crocodile!® is an all natural bug discouragent that drives insects crazy. It is effective on mosquitoes, black flies, sand fleas and other gnats and pests. A single application keeps them away for hours, yet it's safe for the skin and the environment."
To find out more about Crocodile and other Dancing Roots products, visit their web page at www.dancingroots.com.

1/2 oz. Creme
Due to the strong response to this giveaway offer, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of your sample.

In the 2003 giveaway, Dancing Roots gave away 2-oz. samples of the roll-on discouragement to readers of tomzap.com in return for their feedback. You can see the results of the 2003 giveaway here.

In the 2001-2002 giveaway, Dancing Roots gave away 1/2-oz. bottles of their product to readers of tomzap.com in return for their feedback. You can see the results of the 2001-2002 giveaway here.

According to the maker, Dancing Roots, the product keeps bugs away naturally and contains no DEET.

Contains: Rosemary, Thyme, Peppermint, Corn and Castor Oils.

While I have not had the good fortune to visit the tropics lately, I did manage to establish an impressive indoor mosquito population while wintering some plants indoors in tubs of water. The bites don't normally bother me a great deal, but I was unable to sleep with mosquitoes buzzing in my ears. Tried a dab of Crocodile on each ear and the mosquitoes left me alone.

Let me clarify that this is not my product and I have no financial interest in it. All responses, good or bad, will be published here. Okay guys, let's hear your feedback! --Tom Penick

Crocodile Requests and Feedback

We are headed to Barra De Navidad in a month and would love to give your product a try. We would also promise to give feedback as you request. We ( My wife and I ) will be there a week. Do you think your sample is good for that long for both of us and if not is it available in Barra. I will leave address etc. below. We like using organic products and thankyou in advance for the opportunity to try yours.

Dan & May Wilson
Gig Harbor, WA

I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and here in Mississippi we consider our State Bird the Mosquito. Gnats are pretty friendly too. West Nile Virus has been a big problem this year even tho the "season" was supposed to be over in October. I absolutely hate spraying with chemical bug sprays and would love a sample of your product.

Mary S Worth
Long Beach, MS

Please send me a sample of the Crocodile Bug Discouragement. I moved from New York to North Carolina a few years ago. This state needs a good winter every year to get rid of the huge insects. The black mosquitos that don't even fly up to my neighbors find me when I'm standing in the middle of the road. Off doesn't seem to help me, nor does Avon's bug repellant. I'm hoping Crocodile will help me, as it's my last chance. The next step is a Kevlar body suit I think!

Susan Morano
Maiden, NC

Hi!! I read about your samples of your bug discouragement creme...I live in Alabama, and we have mosquitoes the size of Volkswagens! (Okay, SLIGHT exaggeration....) My older son frequently goes on hikes and camp outs with his Royal Rangers outpost, and comes in contact with all sorts of creepy crawlies - mosquitoes, deer ticks, chiggers...eeeww!!

Could you send me a sample of your cream? I'd love to try it - I'm so reluctant to use the commercially sold bug repellents because of the potentially harmful chemicals they contain.

Toni Leverett
Oxford, AL

Hi - I live in Louisiana and the Mosquito is our state bird! We need some Crocodile Bug Discouragement to try quick before the bugs carry away my children. I can't stand the idea of putting harmful chemicals all over them and their clothing - I may as well feed it to them, since everything makes it's way to a child's mouth eventually! Help - we need a sample of this natural repellant.


Where we live you can hardly go outside once spring hits on into June because of the black files. There are also 3 ponds across from us that breed mesquitos like crazy. I have not found anything to work for my children yet. I hate to put chemicals on them, so would love to try this product. We would not be able to provide feed back until spring, since it is getting cold here already. But, I would be more than happy to send some once we were able to use it. Thanks,

Deena Hargett
Corfu, NY

I would like to request a sample of the crocodile bug discouragement, as I do a lot of work with the Boy Scouts of America and go in the woods a lot , also my wife works in our yard and finds that she can only stay out a very short time because the mosquitoes are so bad. Thank you so much.

Charles Catlett
Rossville, GA

I would love to try your Bug Discouragement. Both myself and my daughter are favorites of mosquitos and I hate to use Off or other chemical repellants. Where we live we are constantly being attacked. I would gladly try your discouragement and tell everyone who will listen what I think of it.

Steph Chisler
Fresno, CA

Living in SE Texas is like living in a swamp and since hurricane Rita the mosquitoes have been horrid! I'd love to find a product that really works, so sign me up I'm keeping my fingers crossed! BTW if it works, feedback will NOT be a problem I'll be stopping people in the streets.

Saint Sepulveda
Orange, TX

I would love to try Crocodile. We have these pesky little mosquitos here that never seem to go away. Our temperatures tend to bounce up and down and as soon as we have a mild day - those mosquitos are out in force. This will give them a little something to remember me by the next time they come around.

Fran B.

I would love to try the Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement. I have grandchildren that get bitten by mosquitoes when visiting and they end up with large knots from the bites...I am hoping this will help them all.

Linda Knight

I live in Florida and the bugs are bad, we had to screen in our porch so we can enjoy the outdoors more. I would love to try your product (Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement) so I may work in my yard without going crazy.

Katherine Tenney
Ft. Meade, Florida

Oh please, send me one of your Crocodile Bug Discouragement samples! I live in Ky and every mosquitoe in the state is after me. All the time. I have not yet found a good bug repellent and I am willing to try almost anything.

Alex Jados
Elizabethtown, Ky

We live in the bug-filled south and are always trying new products in search of THE ONE that will actually keep the bugs off my husband (he's a pest magnet). We'll definitely give feedback once we've tried this one. Fingers crossed!

Rhonda Musgrove
Coal Hill, AR

Please send me a sample! I've moved from NY to MO, and was nearly eaten alive by chiggers! Save me!

Renee Cook
Piedmont, MO

I have a disorder called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities that requires me to use natural products. However, I have not been able to find natural insect repellant in our area, so I mostly try homemade recipes. I would love to be able to try a non toxic insect repellant that would keep me from getting bit and also keep me from being exposed to toxic chemicals in other insect repellants.

This year our town wanted to "fog" for mosquitoes because the mayor was getting "bit" when he worked in his garden. I was able to stop them from "fogging" by having a Drs. order preventing them from doing so within 1/2 mile of my home. But, if this stuff works, hopefully I can get the mayor and the rest of the city council to buy your product and not "fog" the town and poison not only me, but other living things.


Hello from North Carolina my name is Wendy and my daughter is 6 and she is allergic to misquitos and I have tried every spray i could find and she still manages to get bitten is there any way you can send me some free samples to try on her. i would be so grateful.

Wendy Smith
Dudley, NC

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. My yard is large and I am lucky enough to have a lush backyard with oak trees and other vegetation. This damp environment leads to lots of mosquitoes! I am constantly looking for ways to combat the mosquitoes (I have them YEAR ROUND!). Can I use this on my dogs as well? I am eager to try it!

Sherri Knott
Bedford, TX

Hi. I live in Florida, a truely buggy state if there ever was one. Please send me a very needed sample. Thanks,

Monica Kucharski
Hudson, FL

I would love to try your product. We have swamp skeeters the size of small dogs here! lol Will definitely give feedback!

Lori Doud
Scottsburg, IN

I would love to try a sample of Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement Cream. The bugs do not seem to be affected by much here in Northern Illinois.


I would like to try your insect repellent. I live next to wetlands and conservation land and the mosquitoes are very bad. Would like to find something other than harsh chemical repellents to protect us from EEE and West Nile.

Margaret Rushton
Brookline, NH

I just moved into a new house which needs a LOT of yardwork, and every weird Florida bug known (and probably some unknown) seem to be seeking me out for dinner! Please help!

Staci Bruce
Tampa, FL

PLEASE SEND SAMPLE!! Hi I am from Ohio. This past summer we were at a kids baseball game and were just getting eaten alive by those little black biting flies. I had OFF! Wipes and they had no effect whatsoever on these pests, we even laid the wipes across our ankles and all the flies did was move up towards our knees. It was just awful, and I said I wished there was something available that really works. So i am hoping it is this product! I will definitely provide honest feedback! Thank you.

Kim Thomas

Hi! I’d love some of this. Bugs love my 7 year old and my husband. I promise to send feedback.

Cheryl Waldrop
Travelers Rest, SC

Because of the drought in our area this year the mosquitoes and other bugs have been really bad. A friend told me your product really works. I will gladly give feedback after we try your sample.

D. F. Sivacek
Weyers Cave, VA

Please send me a sample! I live on 3 1/2 wooded acres with a pond just north of Houston. I get lots of bugs here and don't like bug sprays. I will let you know how it works.

Lydia Erb
New Caney, TX

I think my daughter is being bit by invisible bugs. I need something safe for my 2 year old. I promise to give feedback. How well does it work against spiders?

Debra OMalley
Lawton OK

I would love to try your product. My children (I have 5) are constantly hounded by bugs, mosquitos mostly. That alone is annoying, but my 6 year old son develops cellulitis almost every time he is bitten by a mosquito. His doctor has recommended many things, but I prefer natural methods, as he is a child, and so many chemicals are used in repellants, I choose not to use them. he needs a reliable, safe alternative to mass market brands. I look forward to trying your product , and would gladly give feedback, and also, if it works well, tell people so. Thank you so much.

Jenni McMorrow
Susanville, CA

Please send me a sample. I promise to provide feedback!

Wendy Owen
Murfreesboro, TN

We go to the beach often and for my kids at this time of year, seems impossible to leave them outside! They have almost got eaten by mosquitoes. Please send a sample of the Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement Cream. Reviews posted immediately after used!

Liliana Trujillo
Bisbee, AZ

I would love to try your product. During the summertime , I always go fishing so bug repellant is always needed due to nasty bug bites.. I would love to provide this feedback.

Bakersfield, CA

I would like a sample of your All-Natural Bug Discouragement to fend off our horrible mosquitoes. Feedback will be gladly returned.

Kathy Miller
Austintown OH

I would love to try a sample of this product. My family lives in Tennessee and is constantly in a loosing battle with mosquitos. I am terrified of the West Nile and would love to find a product that is safe but effective.

Rachel Smiley
White Bluff, TN

I would like to try and review a sample please. I will give you feedback on it.

Jeanine Hoffmann
Fort Myers, FL

I would love to try the bug discouragement sample..and I would be happy to send you feedback. I would also like to know if it would be safe to apply on my dogs ears. Between she and I we get bitten alive.. Thank you very much.

LC Coleman
Durham, CT

Based on the previous reviews, Crocodile sounds like a wonderful product. I live in South Carolina and the mosquitoes and biting flies here are atrocious! I would certainly love the opportunity to evaluate a sample of your product and provide feedback!

William Lewis
Anderson, SC

I would like to request a sample of your Crocodile Bug Discouragement repellent that “drives the bugs crazy” – wow, would my husband and I love that. We live in Connecticut and we are eaten alive by the mosquitoes out here. We would love to try this repellent and promise to give you our opinion(s), as we appreciate the opportunity to try your product for free. Thank you in advance.

Joe and Michelle Malone
Middletown, CT

Help!!! I live on a bayou in Hitcock, TX. ………….. And believe me, the mosquitoes are way bigger here in TX. Especially in the summer my son can't even get in our back yard and play because of the mosquitoes, spiders, and chiggers in our yard. I would love to try your crocodile bug discouragement cream.

Stacy Hall
Hitchcock, TX

I would like to try Crocodile Cream. We've had a lot of West Nile Virus cases in our county, so I need all the protection I can get. Yes, I will give you my comments on its affectiveness. Thank you.

Kitty Ashenbrenner
Greeley, CO

Would like to try your product ..will keep you posted.

Kathy Gooch
Lonedell, MO

I would like to try your Crocodile bug discouragement product. We are having a terrible problem with mosquitos and fleas. I read all the past reviews on your site and excited about giving your product a try. I will send you a review after I receive my sample.

Debra Varela
Dayton, Texas

I request a sample please-and promise to give you feedback.

Nancy Lundell
Pinetta, FL

I would like to sample the 1/2 oz. jar of Crocodile Bug Discouragment. I live in FL, and the mosquitoes and gnats are really bad during warm weather. I will happily give my feedback.

Angela VanCleve
Alachua, FL

Sure, I will give you feedback. I just went to the Greenfest on Saturday, which piqued my interest in natural products. I'm too poor to be off for a vacation in Bali, but we have plenty of bugs in Maryland.

Kate Esposito
Crofton, MD

I would love to try the 1/2 oz. bottle of crocodile herbal bug discouragement, we were on a fishing trip last weekend and I was all but eaten alive from mositoes,12 bites across my sholders and neck, most miserable, and I would be happy to share the results and feed back.


I am requesting the crododile bug 1/2 ounce jar and promise to give my feedback.. thank you

Shirley Kerstiens
Charlestown, IN

I would like to try a sample of the Crocodile Herb Bug Discouragement because a couple of times a year I go to my son's house and we go to the lake and the bugs are bad so when I saw this free sample I had to sign up for it.

Billye Riley
Odessa, TX

I live by Charles Mill Dam in Mifflin, Ohio, and the mosqitoes are horrid. My kids can't even swim in our pool without getting bit up! They spray once a week and it doesn't seem to help, but I would hate to see it if they didn't. I would love to try your product, and I will give feedback to let you know how it worked. Thank you for the opportunity, I am at my wits-end!

April Utt
Mifflin, OH

I'm always looking for a natural mosquito repellant for my kids. Please send a sample jar.

Julie Murphy
Goose Creek, SC

I would like to try a sample, the mositoes are terrible, this year, i will give more feedback, when i try it.

Jackie Wilson
Sikeston, MO

I would like to try a sample of the Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement Cream. The mosquitoes are really bad here in Arkansas this year. Will definitely provide feedback!

Deborah Finley
Strawberry, AK

Sirs, Please send a free sample. I agree to try and your product and supply you feedback on its performance. Thank You.

Scott Spicer
Columbia, Tenn.

If it works, not only will I give great feedback, but I'll buy it, too! Bugs in south Louisiana are always unbelievable!

Karin Deen
Baton Rouge, LA

I would like to try a sample of the crocodile bug discouragement.

Charlotte Andrews
Marbury, AL

Please send me a sample of Crocodile Bug. I am allergic to misquito's and always have to leave home wearing some kind of deterant. I will be happy to test this product out for you.

Bridgette Silva
South El Monte, CA

Thank you.

Rose Guidry
Bridge City, LA

Please send sample. Thanks.

Mike Long
Bridgeport, CT

Would love to try this and give my results to you.

Patricia Miller Greybull, WY

Hello ~ I would be happy to test your product and provide a review. Bugs that bite, particularly mosquitoes, seem to take an unusual interest in my blood chemistry. Very much like a moths to a bright light bulb. I draw them !!! So, if your product works as stated, I will be happy to provide a testimonial to its effectiveness. I'll be heading down to the Melaque / Barra de Navidad area in late November and plan to romp through the jungle, etc. !!!

Jon Wilson
Reno, NV

Are you still offering samples of your product in exchange for user reviews? If so I would be interested to try it out. I live along the NC coast and get eaten alive on a regular basis by mosquitoes and no see-ums. Thanks.

Jeff Morris
Wilmington, NC

Free sample request.

Michelle Hill
Caldwell, OH

I would like to try a sample of the Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement Cream. Past reviews sound encouraging ... will definitely provide feedback.

Debbie Jung
San Francisco, CA

The mosquitoes are horrible here in Michigan this year. It is impossible to be outside any time of day or night. My kids can’t even wait for the bus without getting chewed up. I would love to try this product and will give feedback.

Chris Shell

We will be having an Adult & Kid's Health Fair on May 15th. Is it possible that you could send 325 sample bottles of your Bug Discouragement. We will attach a note that they can send their feedback to us and in turn we will send you the feedback.

Loretta Kerschen
Harper, KS

I live on Kauai and therefore have a mosquito problem. I am anxious to a participant in your program! Also interested in your mosturizer for my daughter who has a real problem with dry hands from working as a bartender. Need any testers for that product? We are very good friends with the local natural health food store, Koloa Natural Foods. If effective, they will definitely add your product!


Debra Trenton
Koloa, HI

I would love to try the 1/2 oz. bottle of crocodile herbal bug discouragement, we were in a camping are this last weekend and I was all but eaten alive from mositoes, nine bites across my sholders and neck, most miserable, and I would be happy to share the resaults and feed back.

jerry brines
Spokane Valley, WA

Help - I'm being eaten alive in Arizona!!! I been a true-believer in Avon's Skin So Soft, but since moving from CA to AZ last year, it doesn't seem as effective in keeping those persistent AZ mosquitos off of me. Would love to try a sample of Crocodile! Will keep you posted on the results!

D. Broderick
Phoenix, AZ

Please send us 2 supplies now because we are leaving for the Yucatan Jungle in mid-September and will be there for a week...there are two of us, and we need constant protection.

We will give you feedback on our results!

Susan Andrews
Los Angeles, CA

This is a short e-mail to express my interest in trying your Crocodile Insect Repellent. I live in Massachusetts where bugs are certainly a summer issue when gardening or spending time hiking and biking through the muggy woods. I plan to spend some time on several back trails in Cape Cod and Martha's Vinyard this summer as well so your product should come as a life-saver - I can't wait to try it!

Please send me a trial package of your Crocodile Insect Repellent and/or any other products you are seeking feedback on. I am going to keep an eye out for your Foot Cream as I am interested to know its smell and texture. I always prefer to use products that are environmentally friendly and organic so I look forward to becoming a new customer.

Charles Sternaimolo
Fitchburg, MA

We would like to try your CROCODILE product. I'm involved in Land Conservation, and we spend time in southern mexico, and my wife would be ecstatic to find a safe and superior product.

Christopher Charles
Washington, CT

We will be staying for 6 months in Puerto Escondido Nov.-April. Would like to try your product.

Andrea Wood
Post Falls, ID

I would love to try Crocodile Bug Discouragement cream and provide you with my feedback on its effectiveness. I live in Massachusetts and although the beaches are less than an hour's drive, I've been discouraged by the black flies and sand fleas! My boyfriend and I took the day off work to take advantage of a "perfect beach day" and were driven from beautiful Cape Garden Bay beach in Rockport by the swarms of black flies taking huge chunks out of our feet! Please help!

D. Day
Lowell, Massachusetts

Hello, would you please send a sample to me? I am sick of being tormented by black biting flies at the beach!!

Jennifer Brennan
New York, NY

I would love to try this! We will be in Oaxaca in September, but live in Austin, Texas where mosquitoes are nearly a year round problem! Thanks!

Donya Stockton
Austin, TX

I would like to try the Crocodile Bug Discouragement sample. We plan to be in Puerto Escondido in early Nov. for a week. We live in the Dallas Tx. area so I can really give the product a try befor we get to Pto.

Steve Griffiths
Dallas TX. 75238

OK, let me try a sample of Crocodile on these Texas mosquitoes.

Tom Wilson
Rowlett, TX

Please send me the Crocodile bug discouragement right away. The flies at the beach are killing me! I live with my family on Long Island, NY and we go to the beach every weekend. The black sand flies were wicked last weekend - causing us to leave the fun and sun early in the day. Please help us!

Alexandra Battaglini
New Hyde Park

I would LOVE to try something that works on those pesky biting critters! While the black flies aren't as bad in Michigan as they are in Alaska, I would LOVE to find something that works, specially in the Upper Peninsula where I am sure the state bird is the black fly! I will also be happy to give feedback. Thanks!

Dee Dee Brinkman
Hale, MI

I am requesting the Crocodile Bug 1/2 oz. jar sample and will participate in your feedback.

Mary Davis
Corpus Christi, Texas

Request: Please send me some sample Crocodile Herbal Bug Discouragement and I will gladly post my results. We have a house near Barra De Navidad and visit 4-5 times a year.

Jay Allen
Santa Barbara, California

Feedback: We just returned from a week in Barra De Navidad, Mexico and I'm pleased to say that your Crocodile bug repellant worked great! As long as we remembered to apply it in the early morning and late afternoon while we were at the beach we had no bites! Unfortunately, my wife forgot one afternoon and the jejenes did a number on her legs. After that she was sold and we had no other problems with mosquitos or jejenes. It's pleasant blend of herbs smells 100% better than other mosquito repellants, which generally make you feeling sick after you've applied the chemicals to your skin. Thanks for a great product!

Jay Allen
Santa Barbara, California

We are visiting Mexico (Oaxaca) this summer and would like to test your bug discouragement product. We would be happy to provide feedback when we return.

Vera and Roger Pfeuffer
Tucson, AZ

My wife is a magnet for any biting insect. Nothing seems to work for her. Years spent visiting Puerto Escondido have involved tests of every known repellant. Short of dowsing her with DDT, I would love to have her try your product and provide feedback.

Dean Reiman
Cannon Beach, OR

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