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Alejandro had been due back in the early afternoon. By nightfall, family and friends were beginning to worry. By morning, the navy had been notified and some of the other fishermen were preparing to go search for him. But before the search could get underway, La Arca was sighted coming in to port - carrying a monster fish! Alejandro and his customer had hooked a huge marlin early on the previous morning; neither had been willing to give up the fight. For twenty-seven solid hours, the pair had fought this huge fish, making the most of La Arca's twin Yamaha outboards! When finally they beached the fish at Cabo Blanco, they found that the marlin exceeded 1,000 pounds!

So can we promise you a thousand pound marlin? Certainly not! Not many of us have the dedication to fishing to spend 27 hours on a single fish! However, right now [September 1997], Alejandro and the other skilled captains in Barra de Navidad are typically hooking two or three sailfish every day. Three days ago I saw an eight foot sailfish come off of his boat! So what we can promise is a skilled captain who will work himself into the ground to find you the very best fishing experience on the Mexican Pacific!

La Arca is a twin-engine panga with a canopy top. Cost for boat, equipment, bait and the best captain on the coastline is $35.00 per hour with a five hour minimum. Since this is a panga, it is ideal for two fisherpersons and I wouldn't really want to put more than three on board.

John M Williams
September 1997

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