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Walk to Cinco Tenajas

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Since we had flown in to the Sauceda Ranch at Big Bend Ranch State Park, we had no vehicle, so we walked the 1.3 miles to the Cinco Tenajas trailhead. It was a beautiful day and the walk down the road was scenic. This is the road you use to drive to Sauceda; it leads to Presidio. It is a long, bumpy drive. This section was freshly graded and was in good condition. We saw only one car on the 2.6-mile round trip.

This antenna stands just outside the Sauceda compound.

The creek bed leading down to Cinco Tenajas

Seen from the Cinco Tenajas trailhead

Sign at the trail head

Bird nest in a chola cactus

A closer look

The road back to the ranch is quite a bit longer

The antenna again

We haven't been down this trail yet

Almost home

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

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