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Costalegre Rotary Club

Rotary Club #78391, District #4150 of the International Rotary Organization
Email:   Connie Rundle-Jankovsky   clrundle@gmail.com
Email:   Cathy Andreasen   cathy_andreasen@yahoo.com
Web:   www.costalegre-rotary.org
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Welcome to the Costalegre Rotary Club!

We are located on the pacific coast of Jalisco, Mexico often called the Beautiful Coast or Costalegre!

Our Rotary Club was officially sanctioned February 28th 2008. The Costalegre Rotary Club, with 39+ members, meets Wednesday at 9:00 AM in Barra de Navidad at the Cabo Blanco Hotel in Barra de Navidad, Jalisco Mexico.

In its second year, the Costalegre Rotary Club has successfully raised money with two high profile fund raisers. In 2009 we will have an Auction Dinner/Dance in December and the 3rd year of our Chili and Salsa Cook-off.

The Costalegre Rotary Club returns all proceeds from such events to the communities near Barra de Navidad and typically has projects improving schools and health clinics. Traveling Rotarians and visitors are encouraged to attend our meeting on Wednesday mornings, Cabo Blanco Hotel in Barra de Navidad at 9:00AM.

Rotary bought the bricks, and the parents built the new school kitchen for the kindergarten in Barra de Navidad.   More Photos

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